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Terms and Conditions

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While Freelancing By Fay is an open, inviting platform for all the amazing writers out there, we have some terms and conditions to help keep the space optimised and safe for everyone!

  1. 1- Positive Vibes Only

We admire content that radiates positivity and optimism. Hence, stick to topics and subjects that are:

  • • Neutral
  • • Informative
  • • Inspiring
  • • Motivating
  • • Valuable, and/or
  • • Entertaining

  1. 2- Keep It Real

We’re all writers here, and we all know how we feel about plagiarism, right? Copying another writer’s content is not cool. However, it is possible that there’s accidental plagiarism in your work and you didn’t mean to copy it. We understand! So, we would suggest running your work through a trusted checker (preferably Copyscape) before submitting it for approval.

  1. 3- No Trash Talk

If you find anything offensive, disturbing, or simply irritating here, report it to us via email or Instagram DM. Please do not go through the trouble of tackling the situation by yourself. It might result in discomfort and inconvenience for you, and we do not want that!

  1. 4- Your Content Is Yours

You retain your rights to the content you post here. Freelancing By Fay will not take illegitimate ownership of your content. By posting here, you give us the right to market the content and display it on other platforms owned by us. The authors will always be given credits via their names or social media handles. Your content will not be sold to third parties by us. Freelancing By Fay will not be held responsible for someone else copying, stealing, or modifying your work. Similarly, the platform is not responsible for someone else's reliance on your accuracy and your reliance on theirs

  1. 5- Termination

Your account can be terminated if you fail to follow these terms and conditions. You can also be temporarily banned from using your account on Freelancing By Fay if you fail to comply with the rules and regulations. Every piece of blog or article posted will be approved by the administration first. If your article has not been approved within a week of posting it, it means that it did not follow the rules. You can enquire for details regarding the problem and how to fix it via email.

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