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5 Incredible Power of Women

“Never ignore the power of women”-Fatimah

Women have a lot of abilities and are naturally blessed. She proves this proverb very well: “Necessity is the mother of invention”. She is a daughter, sister, mother, wife, and also a strong person at the same time.  

 Here are the top 5 incredible powers of women. 


The most incredible power of women is multitasking. She manages multiple responsibilities simultaneously.

This ability to handle multiple tasks and responsibilities is crucial in today's fast-paced world. Multi-tasking allows women to be successful in both their professional and personal lives.



Another powerful aspect of women is their ability to empathize and connect with others.

They have the ability to understand and relate to the needs and feelings of others. This ability allows them to build strong relationships and create a positive work culture.



Women have the ability to analyze and evaluate complex situations and come up with effective solutions.


Women are also strong problem-solvers and critical thinkers. This skill is highly valued in today's business world, where we can think outside the box to find solutions.



Women possess a unique ability to bounce back from challenges, which makes them ideal candidates for leadership roles.

Women are resilient and adaptable to change. They are able to navigate through difficult situations and come out stronger and more determined on the other side.


Summing up: The sum up of this short article is that women possess many incredible powers like multitasking, empathy, problem-solving, critical thinking and resilience.

These abilities are crucial for success in today's world and make women valuable assets in both the personal and professional spheres.

 Society should recognize and encourage these strengths in women to create a more inclusive and equitable world for all.

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Music & Culture
Education in Rural Pakistan

Education in Rural Areas – What can be Done?


1. Introduction. Education is the most important tool for fostering social and

economic progress for a country and is also seen as a source of national expansion.

In Pakistan, free education for children between the ages of 5 and 16 is a part of the

constitution. Still, the government is failing to provide educational opportunities qualitatively in Pakistan, in general, and in rural areas, in particular. As per

the 2016 United Nations Global Education Monitoring Report, Pakistan is 50+ years

behind its primary education target. Most of the schools even lack basic building

structures like classrooms, bathrooms, and facilities like furniture and other training


2. The private school system is playing a major role in this education challenge. But,

private institutes are more inclined towards the city regions because of

more population and affordability. No doubt, steps have been taken to strengthen the

education system for primary and secondary levels, and informal education has also

played its role. Unfortunately, major challenges and issues have continuously hindered

us from achieving the goal.

3. Aim. To analyze the reasons for deteriorated condition of the education system in

rural areas and devising a way forward.

4. Sequence. The sequence, I shall be following is as under:-

a. Condition of Institute in Rural Areas

b. Analysis

c. Recommendations

d. Conclusion

5. Condition of Institute in Rural Areas. In Pakistan, 41 percent of children are

not attending school, and in the province of Baluchistan, this figure has dropped to 70.

The primary factor to determine whether the boy or girl will be enrolled in school or not

is the distance from home. In rural areas, the male literacy rate is 64 percent compared to

14 percent for females, showing the clear discrepancy between genders, cities and

provinces, wealth, and poverty.


6. The quality of education served is another main contributing factor that

discourages parents from enrolling their children in school. After getting promoted from

primary and middle classes, students are even unable to read and write simple text.

7. Analysis. Factors affecting the education standards in rural areas are as


a. Acute Shortage of Staff. There is an acute shortage of teachers, the

fulcrum of the education system, in schools. Lack of regular recruitment

and lack of specialist teachers are the main reasons for this shortage. Due

to this, most of the school buildings are vacant and are used by local

influencers as per their own interests.

b. Basic Facilities at School. The majority of students in rural areas don’t

have access to basic infrastructure such as school buildings, potable water

and sanitation


c. Quality of Education Delivered. The outcome/ effect on the

students going to school is not impressive enough to motivate parents to

get their children enrolled. The quality of education served is also significantly

compromised. Some of the reasons for the poor quality of instruction include

a lack of funds, a low teacher-to-student ratio, and a lack of infrastructure.

d. Rotted Education System. Promoting students by giving grace

marks, cheating culture in exams, leakage of papers, corruption, and

undue favors are the root causes of this rooted education system.

e. Inclination of Government Officials towards Private Schools.

Competent authorities, powerful government officials, and those who are

aware of the importance of education hesitate to enroll their children in

government schools.


8. Recommendations. Although, the condition of the education system in rural

areas is not appreciable, yet, if some measures are taken place, improvement can be


a. Regular Recruitment of Staff. Special allocation in the annual

education budget for new enrollment of teachers on a merit basis. In parallel,


accountability on the attendance of permanent teachers and temporary

arrangements shall be done at the district level.

b. Ensuring Quality of Construction. A provincial-level central

the committee shall conduct a detailed examination of the budget allotted for construction.

Maintenance of the building should also be considered. Each rupee shall be

spent on construction, in true letter and spirit.

c. On Merit selection and Early Retirement. To improve the quality of

education and the student-teacher ratio, teachers who seem old and are not

interested in attaining new technology shall be forcefully retired with respect and

a chance shall be given to fresher by allocating the same budget for the new

induction of teachers on a merit basis.

d. Cheating Free Exams. Cheating and favors inside and outside the

exam hall are to be discouraged through zero tolerance by using advanced

technology. Students shall feel confident in the system and all back-door access

to exams shall be strictly sealed at the district level and supervised at the provincial level.

e. Compulsory Enrollment of Government Officers Toddlers. Highly

competent government officials are least bothered by the caliber of education

delivered in government schools. To encourage their interest and solicit their

feedback, their children shall be enrolled in government schools. The same shall

be ensured at the provincial level.

9. Conclusion. Education contributes to the preservation of culture and

helps in boosting the economy of a country. Despite knowing the significance of

education, its quality is deteriorating due to the low annual education budget, shortage

of teachers, and corruption in the educational sector. However, it would not be fair to

conclude on a dejected note. Utilizing the allocated budget religiously, research,

improving teacher and student ratio, designing cheating-free exams and building trust in

the system can lead to a better quality of education in Pakistan, in general, in the rural

regions in particular.


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Music & Culture
5 Reasons Why People Love Taylor Swift?

Nominee of more than 500 awards and winner of 200 of them. That is extraordinary, right? But who is this person to have so many accolades? You might be correct. We are definitely talking about Taylor Swift. A dynamic icon in the music world. She is known for mind-blowing music, entertainment performances, and albums admired by the masses.


Among Taylor’s top fans are teens and young adults who call themselves the Swifties. But why is she taking the world by storm? What makes her so unique in the sea of other recognized musicians? Well, here are 5 reasons we think make Taylor Swift an absolute favorite:




1. Wider Music Array



Taylor initially started her music career with country music. But soon, she moved on to pop music. This transition was her wise decision since it helped her reach out to more people. In addition, the lyrics of her pop music add the element of universality and are memorable. 

Which is why her voice reached more and more people across borders. Further, her songs have a wide range, from sad to happy ones. Examples of these include:

1. Shake It Off
2. Speak Now
3. All To Well


2. People Can Relate To Her 


If there is one thing we all can learn from Taylor Swift, it is how to make people relate to you. She is a genius when writing songs her audience can relate to. And how does she do that? Taylor writes songs about her life experiences and emotions like teenage heartbreak. This is why the Swifties adore her. Some of her best songs in which she talks about life are:

1. Never Grow Up
2. Don’t Blame Me
3. The Best Day
4. The Outside

3. Raw emotions



Another reason to praise Taylor is her raw emotions. Her exquisite expression of complex feelings through simple yet catchy lyrics will make you fall in love with her over and over again. Listening to her, you will find yourself in her shoes and feel what it is like to be “Taylor Swift.” All while she sings about her emotions like failure and courage. Here are some songs in which she is being candid:

1. A Place in This World
2. Mean
3. Blank Space 


4. Activism



Taylor is an activist. Throughout the years, she has never shied on being vocal about causes like pro-choice, racial and gender equality, etc. In addition, she uses a proper platform to support these causes. Some of the organizations she advocates are:

1. Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network 
2. Joyful Heart Foundation
3. African Parks Foundation of America 


5. She is not a people pleaser



Instead of whining over the hate Taylor receives, she writes songs about them. Yes, you heard it right. Whenever she gets a negative response from the media, she pens down her thoughts into lyrics. A song in response to the criticism has helped her win many awards. This positive outlook towards her critics is why people idolize her. Here is a list of songs that show that Taylor is not a people pleaser:

1. Shake It Off
2. The Man
3. Cornelia Street




Despite having many admired musicians, it is Swift who is one of the chart-topping musicians of all time. Young people love her to bits because of her brilliant songs and vibrant personality. Are you a Taylor Swift fan too? If yes. Let us know in the comments why you look up to her and what’s your song on repeat. 




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