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5 Moisturizer Mistakes to Avoid This Winter

5 Moisturizer Mistakes to Avoid This Winter

Skin is the largest organ of our body and our first defense line against any injury. But we need to protect it first for it to protect us. Moisturizing is the most important step for skin care regardless of any season. And while I’m pinpointing the importance of skincare let me clear one thing, skincare has nothing to do with gender. Both men and women need to take care of this blessing equally.

With the change in weather, one might need to make slight changes in their skin care routine. Winters mean facing dry and broken skin which, if not taken care of properly, can cause major skin problems. So, adding moisturizer in your daily skin care routine is much needed. But there are some do’s and don’ts while using it. Here we are going to discuss a few blunders to avoid this winter while using moisturizers.

Things to avoid:

Avoiding the below mentioned things can give you glowing and moisturizing skin.

1.      Using your regular soap:

People, like myself, don’t care much about their regular soap. We go with whatever we find easily. But this winter season, we’re going to change it for the sake of our skin. Local soaps can take away the natural moisture from our skin. So, it’s better to switch to more hydrating soaps for winters. Goat milk soap and Dove works best for me.


2.      The most hyped petroleum jelly:

We all have used petroleum jelly at some point in our lives. It’s the go to solution of dryness which is being used since the time of our ancestors. This gel might give temporary relief to skin, but it makes the skin drier in long term. So instead of gel-based moisturizers switch to cream-based one’s. For easily accessible and economical solutions, you can use Pond’s hydration cream.


3.      Over-moisturizing:

I know I’ve emphasized enough on skin moisturizing, but this winter we’re also avoiding over-doing it. Using layers of such products can clog your pores and suffocate your skin which can cause acne. To avoid such situation, minimize your traditional 10-step skin care routine to 3 steps, including only cleansing, moisturizing and exfoliating.


4.      Ignoring your hands, arms and feet:

We often synonymize skin care as facial care only. Whereas our hands and body require equal care and attention. This winter don’t forget to take equal care of your other body parts. Shea Almond and Shea Butter cream works well for hands and body.

5.      Extra-long and hot baths:

Who doesn’t love a long hot bath in winters? However, you’ll want to avoid it once you get to know its consequences. Longer exposure to hot water can suck the natural oils out of our skin resulting in dehydration. We’ll need more moisturizers to compensate the effect. So, avoid taking long, hot baths in the winter season.


This winter season, as we upgrade our wardrobes, let’s upgrade our skincare game too! Naturally fresh skin makes you more confident. So, protect your skin from the harms of changing season and keep moisturizing. Happy winters!

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Winter! The season that many loves, including me. But did you know that your hair needs extra attention and pampering in winter?  Honestly, I didn’t know it until my 20’s. therefore, I would urge you to start taking care of that beautiful hair as early as possible. For that, I have gathered some hair care rules to follow this season. Let’s dig into them straight away, make sure you add them to your winter hair care routine and update me about their wonders.

5 Hair Care Rules to Remember This Winter

1.   Keep Your Hair Hydrated!

As your skin needs to be hydrated to have that plump look, your hair requires hydration to keep those luscious locks. Your scalp being the extension of your skin, demands similar care as you do for your lengths. You might not feel the need to have water in winter .. as you do in summer, but skipping it can have adverse effects… take my advice and at least fulfil the daily water requirement.

2.   Don’t Wash Off That Moisture!

Yes, you read that right. During the winter season, our hair naturally gets dried and its texture becomes brittle and rough to the touch. They end up breaking often. One thing to stop that particular winter breakage and dryness is to observe your hair wash pattern. If you wash your hair more than twice a week, reduce it to twice only. If you still don’t get your desired results, make it one wash per week. In case of having naturally oily hair that feels like washing every day, try using dry shampoo.

3.   Get A Good Grip on The Diet!

You might be aware of DIET, it’s not that bad, try it. Diet isn’t about restricting yourself from eating things, instead, it is about having healthy eating habits. Winter is more particular about green leafy vegetables, go banana on those. Try having fish thrice or twice a week. Snack up on the seasonal nuts. All you need is to have protein, vitamin C, Folic Acid, Biotin, Minerals, and iron to get your hands on smooth texture, strong roots and more benefits than these.

4.   Apply The Mask!

I love how wonderful my hair feels after pampering my hair with extra nourishment through masks. As this cold weather can make our hair frizzy and difficult to manage to some extent, a hair mask can be a quick way to prevent it. There are multiple hair masks available in the market but I prefer homemade, natural masks. Let me list down two of my favourite recipes, you may adjust the quantity according to your hair length;

·       Egg And Yoghurt:

whisk one egg and a tablespoon of yoghurt, and apply it from roots to tips. Wash it off after an hour with a mild shampoo. It will give you an instant smooth manageable texture and volume. Along with that it will nourish your scalp and keep dandruff at bay, as an egg is enriched with protein and yoghurt helps in the prevention of dandruff.

·       Banana And Egg Mask:

take a ripe banana, mix it with an egg then apply from scalp to roots. It will enhance the texture, strengthen your roots and will give immediate shine to your hair.

5.   Cover Them Up!

I understand that you need to wear a beanie or some other woollen hat to keep you warm, but let me share that they are causing your hair to break. In winter, it is common to have that electricity or static feel, woolen clothing makes it more occurring. Try to have a hat with silk or satin lining underneath, otherwise, wear a silk cap. It will prevent that static feel.


Let’s sum it up! Hear me, girl, and keep track of your winter hair care routine if you want to have the long, beautiful hair of your choice. There’s more to add, which I will discuss later, till then follow the mentioned rules and enjoy the results!

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Winter has arrived and hijabis are concerned about their hijab styles. Primarily hijab trends 2022 this Winter are highly stunning and tricky. Hence, we have 5 hijab hacks to try this winter that will help you follow the new trends.

Most people think of a hack as a shortcut or a skill that can quickly boost productivity and efficiency. Although these hacks may appear just for fun, people have tested them and found that they work! 


1. Underwear Caps

I'm sure this underwear cap has confused you a little. I laughed out loud when I first heard about this. But if you think about it, it might make sense. Not everyone owns hijab caps or bonnets. It would be a great idea to use clean underwear as a cap or bonnet. It will probably push your hair away and allow you to wear your hijab how you want.

Seriously, only you and I will be aware. Wearing underwear caps or hijab caps makes your hijab looks perfectly organized or fit to your head, and you can easily follow the Best modest fashion trends in 2022.  


2. Shower Puffs for Buns

This hack can help you in following one of the modest fashion trends. No, it is not what you think it is! I'm talking about the girls who love to use a hair claw or coil to make a bun out of their hair. They wear the hijab in a turban style or wear it to give their hair volume.

When hair accessories go missing, a lot of people don't know what to do with them. You have a few options here:

·        Tie your hair back into a bun with stockings

·        Rip a strip from some material

·        Use a rope.

Some people even use shower puffs to make the back of their heads appear puffy!


3. Emergency Pins in a Pen Case

It's always a good idea to have a few pins on hand in case of an emergency. After all, losing one isn't hard, and you might need one on a windy day. You could put them in a compartment of your purse or wallet.

But another cool option is to put them in a pen case. First, make sure your pen opens, insert your pins, and then close it again. Check to see that you don't lose the pen now!


4. Pin Cushions for Pins

My mother has repeatedly yelled at me to pick up pins left in one or more corners. We all leave them scattered about. It can be pretty risky, especially if you have kids or elderly people around.

You could use a teddy bear or a ready-made pin cushion (just make sure it isn't one of the kids' favourites. Because these are going to help style your hijabs according to hijab trends in 2022.    


5. Hijab bedlam

Well assuming you are similar to me, you primarily find it simple to keep your hijab in the closest spot. Be smart and use hangers to organize yourself. Alternatively, you can get a hanger that has multiple sections. This way, you can hang your scarf in each section and quickly grab the one you want.

You can also purchase portable boxes with sections that open on both sides, allowing you to roll up your scarves and arrange them separately! Anyway, having scarves more like modest fashion trends will require some investment.


In the end, let’s revise the 5 Hijab Hacks we have discovered so far to follow the hijab trends 2022:

·        We can simply use Clean underwear as a hijab cap.

·        We can use shower puffs for giving volume to our hair.

·        We can Keep emergency pins in a pen case.

·        We can keep our pins on a teddy bear or pin cushions at home.

·        We can use hangers with multiple sections to keep our hijabs at one place.

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5 Fashion Trends To Try In 2023

Everyone wants to look stylish, and most people follow famous fashion trends to do so. These fashion trends change every year and they include mini dresses, feathery dresses, sports luxe, leather dresses, lace dresses, tassel dresses, etc.

Some of the fashion trends that you must try in 2023 are discussed below:

1.    Leather Dresses

Leather dresses have been the most famous fashion trend for many years. This material is best known for the fall season and is a great investment as it can be used for many years. A leather item, like a skirt and a jacket, is worth buying.

You can style these skirts with many other pieces of clothing and these jackets give the stylish look yet comfortable look. If you are thinking of buying one of them, it’s a good decision. The leather skirts are fashionable for fall but, they can be worn in the first half year.

2.    Sharp Suits

In recent years, tailored suits or sharp suits have become the most famous fashion trend for two reasons: their simplicity and comfort. However, always remember to use wide-legged pants and a blazer for this amazing look.

If you are wearing a tailored suit, you can just wear any matching scandals. You can create a simple and comfortable look in less time, yet you will be looking cool and stylish. Furthermore, If you want a more stylish look, you can wear any silk shirt beneath or any cool belt with your suit. It will enhance the overall look.

3.    Tassel Dresses

Tassel dresses have been famous in 2022, and they are still a trend in 2023. Tassels and fringing are famous trends for summer parties. However, if you are not comfortable with full tassels, add them as details to your dress to make it stylish.

You can use long maxi-styled dresses for parties. Moreover, these dresses are easy to style. You can even add tassel details to your beachwear, to make your body flutter. In the same way, you can also add a tassel handbag for an aesthetic look.

4.    Lace & Laser Cutting

Lace and laser-cutting dresses are going to be the most famous trend of 2023. Lace dresses have become more famous in 2022, as they give a more feminine look. Rhinestone lace dresses give a more stylish look.

Wearing lace and laser-cutting dresses is the sheer trend, which gives stylish look. The lace shirt has become the trend in recent months.

5.    Purple Hues

One of the most famous and ongoing fashion trends of 2023 is using purple hues. Lilac color has gained a lot of popularity in 2022 as People love using this color for both casual and special occasions.

Designers are using these trendy purple hues in their recent collection for bridesmaids and cocktail dresses.


The fashion industry has been changing from time to time. By following the top trends, you can look stylish. The leather, tassel, lace, and laser-cutting dresses can help you look classy and fashionable. Similarly, purple and blue hues have also become the famous trend of 2023.

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The Ambassador of Excellence Since Thirty Years

What should you expect from a man who has had the most challenging and unpredictable childhood? A baby who got lost during the war of Lahore and reunited with his family only after a few days. A child who wakes up in the middle of the night from an ear-piercing sound, in the city of Dhaka, and seeks shelter under the staircase to be safe from air strikes. And a boy who spends his sixth and seventh birthdays as a war prisoner in India before he could migrate to Karachi, Pakistan. You can expect such an individual to be resilient, irrepressible, and above all full of life experiences, which reflects in his creative works. 

Do you know of one such man? We bet you do but still can't figure out who that is! Because that's not what he’s known for. What he’s known for is his love of culture. You know him for his one-of-its-kind craft. And the world has known him for thirty years of excellence in fashion.

Ladies and gentlemen, you guessed it right! That man is none other than Amir Adnan. He is a magician in the world of fashion who has paved his way to become one of the most prestigious designers in Pakistan and internationally, against all odds.

Not even in his wildest dreams, he would have thought of becoming a designer. Thanks to his admiration for a kaleidoscope he was able to discover the artist in him even in a corporate and mundane setup. Being a Business finance major from IBA, Karachi, he worked at Grinleys Bank. They sent him on a work trip to Madras. He was reluctant to go there but little did he know that it would become the very place where his romance for fashion would light up. 

He came across unique checkered ties in the bazaars of Madras. Amir drew inspiration from there and hand-made a tie himself on his return to Pakistan and wore it to his office. He started taking orders for the much-demanded tie. His second venture was italic block printed jeans. It proved to be a blockbuster in both local & international markets. This marks the beginning of the legacy of Amir Adnan. 

He opened his first store in Karachi at the age of 19. Growing popularity and demand urged him to open doors in Multan, Islamabad, Lahore, Faisalabad, and Hyderabad. He touched international markets with a flagship store in Dubai. 

However, quality has never been compromised despite the growing quantity and magnitude of the brand. His unmatched premium pieces got him the Pride of Performance Award in 2006 for his outstanding achievements in the field of Arts and Design. He has also been awarded the Lux style award for “Best Menswear Designer” in 2006 and 2016.

The intricate artwork has been showcased on esteemed platforms including Dubai Fashion week and Fox Tv Live show, in LA. Locally, the Amir Adnan collection always becomes the heart of the Fashion Pakistan Weeks, Bridal Couture Weeks, and other fashion events.

His audience is already in awe of his excellence in apparel. Whereas he is set on an expedition to prove his mettle in other spheres. He is now tapping into accessories including wallets, towels, and personal-care & beauty products such as cleansers, cologne& lip balms to name a few.

However, it is important to note that his creativity is not limited to catering to physical needs only. For his Ramzan collection, he got it endorsed by deaf people. In addition to that, he has produced a short film paying tribute to the deaf community.

No doubt Amir Adnan has set the benchmark quite high for people in his field.


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8 Methods Everyone Knows About Treating Acne Without Medicines That You Do not

8 Methods Everyone Knows About Treating Acne Without Medicines That You Don't

Are you suffering from dry and flaky skin due to acne medications? Does your skin often get irritated after eating drugs for pimples? In that case, you have to stop taking medicines for the treatment of acne. Instead, try alternative methods like therapies and home remedies for effective results.

Typically, stubborn acne can be treated with different treatments. However, you will be surprised to know that you already have the ingredients for removing pimples at home. This article is all about medical restoratives and curatives to cure your pimples and acne scars. 

4 Best Acne Therapies 

Different therapeutics are adequate for treating different types of acne with or without oral drugs. Depending upon the condition of your skin, you can get one of these therapies from your dermatologist.

  1. Steroid Treatment 

Steroid therapy is specifically for treating cystic or swollen acne that forms nodules. Dermatologists call them steroid injections or cortisone injection shots. Cystic acne takes time to cure on its own. Therefore, injecting steroids into your skin will give you relief from inflammation and redness. 

Cortisone is very useful in shrinking nodular and cystic acne. It can be insinuated into either your face or your body. You can get multiple injections in one session. However, you have to wait for at least 1 or 2 months before getting another session. 

  1. Laser Therapy 

Laser therapy is another method that you can employ for treatment of acne. It is primarily used for removing pimple scars. However, it can be used to treat different types of acne. The reason is that laser light is very competent in killing bacteria that cause pimples. Moreover, it encourages your skin to form new layers while deteriorating the previous ones. 

Laser Treatment For Acne

On the contrary, it does not completely remove pustules completely but minimizes the pain and swelling caused by it. If you have obstinate acne, you must consult your dermatologist before taking any laser treatment. 

  1. Peeling Therapy 

It is called, "chemical peeling therapy" because it removes the top layer of old skin. In this type of therapy, the dermatologists identify your skin. After examination, they will apply different chemical solutions according to your skin condition. The chemical solutions include glycolic acid, salicylic acid, lactic acid, phytic acid, etc. 

Lactic acid peels are good for all skin types, while glycolic acid and salicylic acid peels are good for oily skin. All these chemical solutions exfoliate acne-prone skin, unclog pores and prevent skin breakouts. 

  1. Drainage And Extraction Treatment 

Our skin pores often get clogged with dead cells and sebum, leading to acne problems. Furthermore, clogged pores are one of the main causes of acne. Therefore, extracting clogged pores is a good way to treat acne. In this treatment, dermatologists use sterilized instruments to extract acne-causing contents. 

During treatment, large cysts are drained from under your skin. This extracts acne fluids, dirt, sebum, and dead cells that cause acne infection. However, your doctor can also inject antibiotics into the cyst to speed up the healing procedure. 

4 Effective Home Remedies for Acne

Home remedies can be efficient to treat acne without medicines. They include using homemade gels, applying essential oils, and making lifestyle changes. You can try some of the following: 

  1. Using Aloe Vera Gel 

Aloe Vera gel is a natural antibacterial and antiviral product. It reduces the appearance of acne and prevents your skin from breakouts. It contains protein and sugar molecules that make it an essential acne protectant. 

You can extract the Aloe Vera gel from an Aloe Vera plant in your home or purchase it from the store. For application, cleanse your skin with mild soap and apply a thin layer of gel. For immediate results, apply it twice a day. 

  1. Applying Tea Tree Oil 

Tea tree oil has proved to be very good for removing harmful bacteria from the skin that causes acne. It has anti-inflammatory properties, so it can reduce the swelling and redness of pimples readily. Moreover, it does not make your skin dry and flaky. It is a good substitute for acne medicines. 

For applying tea tree oil, take 1 part of tea tree oil and mix it with 9 parts of water. Dip a cotton swab in it and apply it to your face. You can repeat this process one to two times per day. 

  1. Regularly Exfoliate Your Skin

Exfoliation of the skin is a great way to prevent and treat acne. It helps in removing dead skin cells, which in turn removes dead follicles and sebum from the skin. Therefore, exfoliating the face with a cleanser is the best option to treat acne. Soaps have a high pH and can irritate skin easily. 

Skin Exfoliation 

Hence, try to use mild cleansers for exfoliation instead. For exfoliation, rinse your face thoroughly with water, apply a gentle cleanser, massage it in a circular motion, and wash your face. 

  1. Using Green Tea 

Green tea is rich in antioxidants. Many people do not have enough antioxidants in their skin cells. Thus, they are more vulnerable to acne. Consequently, using green tea will reduce sebum production and inflammation. You can either drink green tea daily or apply green tea extract to your face. 


In summary, there are multiple ways to treat acne without medicine. However, before trying any method, identify the causes of acne on your skin. After that, choose any therapy and home remedies that will be best for your treatment. Still, it is good to consult with a doctor and discuss your acne treatment options.

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5 best wardrobe colors for fall 2022

                                                                         5 best wardrobe colors for fall 2022:
  When I’m picking  an outfit color is everything to me. Wearing the best color can completely change the vibes of any outfit or any look. And I think I definitely enjoy wearing the colors that suit my complexion. So there are so many top trending colors for fall 2022. 
So, in my opinion, Some of the fall colors are soothing and natural while others are bold and bright.
Some of my personal favorite colors for the fall 2022 are listed below:
1: Pastel green
2: Lemon yellow
3: Royal purple
4 :Baby pink
5: Mykonos blue
• Pastel green:  Pastels colors are one of my favorites for the fall season, because they are very soothing, pretty and cool colors in my opinion. But pastel green is my personal favorite .

• Lemon yellow: Friendly yellow lemon color is everything for the fall season 2022. It’s like a sunny day. I personally love yellow so you’ll be seeing it pairing with many pretty shades. It might be so popular in prints. So you can add this beautiful shade in your fall wardrobe.

• Royal purple: Here’s a color pretty much every one can wear royal purple. The color of Royal’s . I love it because pretty, cozy and warm .In my eyes it is the best color to add in your wardrobe for this fall. Also it is in trend for years and years now. Also purple is for us and for every girl out there because it’s a “ROYAL” color. 
• Baby pink: Bright pink color is everything for me. It’s a Barbie color and Barbie is everyone’s favorite since childhood. It’s a pretty soft color like a blossom . So without any second thought you just have to put this color in your wardrobe. It’s a soft romantic and beautiful color for your wardrobe.
• Mykonos blue: This brisk blue, like a sea, has a regal quality to it. It’s remind me of Greece so that’s why it’s my favorite color because Greece is my favorite and dream destination. So it’s also one of my favorite color that you should put in your wardrobe for the fall 2022. This color is a mixture of sky and the color of sea that’s what makes it the best combination of two blues.
CONCLUSION: So it’s a big yes from me to these colors. These are the best ones for fall 2022. Plus, they are very trendy too. I hope this will help you choose the best shade for yourself. These colors are very soothing and add extra glamour to your personality. So if they are not already in your wardrobe, it is never too late to get them and style them. Also, the main thing is your confidence. So, no matter what color you are wearing, be confident about it.


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5 Clothing Brands Popular On Facebook

As of 2021, 19% of people purchased through online shopping in Pakistan. The increase in fuel prices affects every living soul out there. People are reducing their fuel usage to control other life expenses.

When this is the situation, purchasing online is a far better choice than rushing to brick-and-mortar stores and shops. However, online shopping in Pakistan presents a greater risk of fraud than traditional retail.  Therefore, to help you out I have created a list of 5 trustworthy, cost-effective, and fashionable apparel brands that I discovered on Facebook. 

5 Clothing Brands Popular On Facebook

Retailers and wholesalers may both promote their items on Facebook Shops and convince customers to buy them. Nevertheless, not all of them are viable choices in light of the rise in online scamming. Here, I highlight 5 such companies that are well-represented with online shopping websites.

1. Kayseria- A Blend Of Heritage And Modernity


SEFAM established the company Kayseria, which is run by social activist and businesswoman Seema Aziz from Pakistan. Bareeze is one of its other well-known luxury brands. However, Keyseria is far more affordable when compared to Bareeze while still providing the same level of fabric quality and design accuracy.

There are many different types of clothing available in Keyseria's online store, including embroidered, formal, and casual attire. The brand’s clothing can be purchased for as little as 1000pkr to as much as 40,000pkr.  

The artwork of Kayseria combines classic and modern styles. The brand provides stunningly gorgeous colored and printed textiles with sophisticated designs and minimal embroidery. Its cloth is of a high caliber and diverse. 

 2.  Orient - The Quality Fabric Makers 

Orient textile mills,  founded in 1986, have the capacity to produce a variety of fabrics, including sateens, percales, dobby, jacquards, and yarn-dyed fabrics. Orient manufactures its textile from scratch and it has distinctive patterns and prints with an enticing appeal.

Its most recent winter collection is stunningly gorgeous. One could find it difficult to keep their hands off of it. The patterns are soothing to the eye and the colors are close to those seen in nature. You appear sophisticated and elegant when wearing them. Additionally, the price range is not too exorbitant. 

3. Popular Style - The Affordable Clothing Brand

A sub-brand of the Popular Group of industries is the Popular Style. It displays affordable clothing for both men and women and People frequently don the designs. It offers you a vibrant, current, yet classic appearance.

On their website, they also feature a section for men's suits that displays a classy selection of men's clothing. Overall, what sets it apart from other brands is its affordable price range.

4. Memnu Clothing - The Turkish Based Pakistani Brand

Memnu clothing is a Turkish fast fashion clothing brand. It features all sorts of clothing and delivers all across Pakistan. It primarily sells western clothing, although several of its categories, such as sweaters, cardigans, and kimonos, can be easily paired with eastern dresses. They also offer long maxi dresses in Turkish flair.

Night suits, gym gear, suits and blazers, knitwear, and jackets are a few of its standout categories. Prices vary depending on the product you're purchasing. However, the collection's exceptional quality ensures the longevity of your investment.

5.  Ethnic By Outfitters - The High-End Women’s Clothing Brand 

Ethnic began operating in 2013. The company has expanded quickly and become well-known for its ethnic yet modern style manual. Today, they have a wide variety of women's clothing that is required for various occasions.

Their well-sorted collections like the "Rozana" for everyday wear and the "capsule" line, which features exquisitely embroidered dresses with mirror work and adornment are my utmost favorite.

Additionally, they have a line of children's clothing, jewelry, and shoes with a focus on khussas. Wear the exquisite designs of traditional Punjabi footwear for all of life's occasions.

Final Word

The highly functional websites of the companies that display their vast array of products smoothly make online shopping in Pakistan simple. In a word, my top favorite brands for purchasing fashionable, high-quality, and adaptable apparel are Keyseria, Orient, Popular Style, Memnu Clothing, and Ethnic

To top it all off, there are plenty of apps on the market that make buying even better. Download the app, browse the item you want to purchase, and then click “Buy”. Home Shopping, Naheed, and Telemark are a few of the best online shopping apps in 2022.


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5 Best Affordable Skincare Brands in Pakistan


5 Best Affordable Skincare Brands in Pakistan 


Honestly, I am tired of these beauty standards set by society, but having nice skin always feels good, right?  So, after a lot of thought, I decided to have a skincare routine.  But wait! There’s a problem: I want skincare products but most of them are way too expensive for me. I don’t want to go broke. So, here’s what I’ll do: take my phone and look for local budget-friendly skincare brands. Here are some of the best options I found!



Saeed Ghani was the first shop I visited when I started considering my skincare routine. This brand does deserve the reputation it has today. I was amazed on my first visit when I found a variety of natural face washes like;

  • ·         Sandal
  • ·         Ubtan
  • ·         Kheera
  • ·         Goat milk

I like their cucumber and aloe vera face cleanser. It gave a soothing effect after a long and tiring day. I would highly recommend their Multani Mud Mask; it works wonders.


2.  LE PUR

If you want natural home-based products, go for Le Pur. It is an online brand however it provides trial packs on sale for the convenience of its customers. The products are affordable for the masses. I highly recommend the detox face mask.



I had never been obsessed with soaps before I knew Gulluna. This organization had been operating in Pakistan, and it had the most innovative designs. The soaps were not only creative and good-looking but also provided the best results for my dry skin.

I highly recommend it for the daily part of your skincare routine. Trust me; you won’t be disappointed.



I had tried various scrubs from different brands, but none gave me the results like Scoop O Scrub. It offers scrubs made from natural ingredients. The results I had after using their scrubs were

  • ·         My skin felt soft and fresh
  • ·         It had a long-lasting effect

·         The best thing was that I smell good afterward; no need for body spays



  I am a night owl and a junk food lover. In the past, these two habits resulted in many unwanted guests on my face. I had never-ending acne and dark circles and had to use concealer to hide them.

Then Organic Traveler came to my rescue; I wish I had known this brand some years back. The best part is, it has products for all skin types. I tried them for my acne and dark circles, now I have the perfect clear skin I always wanted.




These five brands have helped in succeeding my skincare goals. If you want natural and affordable skincare products, then check them out!

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How To Look Expensive On A Budget - Desi Edition

How To Look Expensive On A Budget - Desi Edition 

Have you ever heard that the first impression is the last impression? It includes body language and your appearance. Fashion has always been people’s favorite tool to make them look up to the mark. However, over the years, we have seen various shifts in fashion trends.  
Various fashion brands have taken the world by storm. Also, wearing branded clothes could be exhausting due to their cost and frequent shift in fashion trends. So, I am here to guide you on how to look expensive even when you’re broke! 

Expensive look On A Budget: 

A few tips that I want you to consider while shopping next time are: 
  1. Wear Neutrals: 

 Neutrals are all-rounders. You can rock them both formally and casually as they never go out of fashion. They look great on girls as well as women aged 50.  
Must have neutrals include pair of black, white, brown and mustard kurta shalwar. You can add more colors as per your preference and style them as eastern or western wear! 
On a side note:  
  • Avoid wearing loose and baggy clothes.  
  • Choose the right undergarments! 
  • Learn more about your body shape to know what suits best on your body type! 


  1. Invest in Handbags: 

If you want to stand out in the crowd, start carrying a handbag! You don’t need to spend thousands of rupees buying Gucci, or Louis Vuitton when you can invest in plain, funky, and cute handbags. Following this trick will make people stop and stare at you! 

Keep an eye on sales online and buy an ever-green bag at a discount. Local online brands like Astore, and RTW can serve this purpose. Also, you can visit your local market to find such masterpieces! Remember, fashion is all about confidence and not spending thousands of rupees just to stand out! 

  1. Create no makeup looks: 

We have often heard that less is more! The same applies when it comes to makeup. Wearing makeup is a personal choice but as this blog is about how to look expensive on a budget so I’ll guide you through a few ways to do your makeup right! Regarding time, money, effort, no-makeup looks are the best!  
Applying moisturizer, sunscreen, mascara and putting on a little blush and highlighter could never go wrong! Also, conceal dark circles if you have any! You don’t need to buy every single makeup product to look beautiful.  
  1. Chose the right sandals: 

Fashion trends come and go in a blink of an eye! Don’t put pressure on your bank account by buying unnecessary, trendy shoes and sandals. Instead, buy monochrome shoes and sandals that can go well with every dress! Prioritize your comfort level before making any purchase. 
  1. Don’t neglect your hair! 

Unpopular opinion it is but your hair can make or break your look! No branded clothes, bags or makeup looks can make you appear presentable if your hair is frizzy! Here is what you can do: 
  • If you can afford hair treatments, go for a keratin treatment. It would help your hair look sleek even in summer! 
  • If you can’t afford such treatments, don’t worry! Home remedies can do wonders! Applying masks and oils can help you control the frizz and rock the look! 


Creating expensive looks on a budget is an art! It takes some time to master this art. You don’t need to run after trends to make yourself look presentable. Instead, try to wear clothes you are comfortable in. Add sunglasses and minimal jewelry to up your styling game!  
 If you have other suggestions, let us know in the comments section below! 
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Makeup Products People Regret Buying

                  Makeup Products People Regret Buying:-

Hello there! As women, our love for makeup is never going to die. Makeup has always been our best friend. It knows how to conceal our imperfections and it allows us to flaunt confidently in front of others.

But, in every love story, someone has to play the role of a villain! Some makeup products appear to offer high-quality and skin-friendly products at a reasonable cost. So, we lean towards them and they turn out to be our worst purchases! They are just appealing to the eyes from the outside, but they tend to disappoint us just like our exes!

So, here are 5 makeup products most people regret buying

        5 Makeup Products most people regret buying

  1.   Beautify by Amna Makeup Brush Set:

Brush sets are necessary to create almost every look. These brushes cost you 11,000 but fail to fulfill their purpose. These brushes, unlike others, do not blend the wrinkles and lines well. The bristles turn harsh after 2 to 3 uses, giving the user an uncomfortable experience.

Not only that, it is quite difficult to make the right use of eye brushes. They give a hard time blending the colors and creating a cut-crease eye look.


  1. 2.    Love Nature Cleansing Gel By Oriflame:

The trend of oriflamme products is increasing day by day in Pakistan. This gel costs you 1,200 and has its ins and outs. It contains salicylic acid and is paraben-free but fails to remove sunscreen in the first use.  Also, its fragrance is quite strong which makes it less worthy to purchase.


3.  Miss Rose Matte Lipsticks:

Wearing lipsticks definitely boost your confidence in yourself and makes you look 100 times better. Different shades are used for different purposes. This Pakistani makeup brand, Miss Rose, offers lipsticks at an average price of 500rs. Sounds amazing, right? If the offered price is making you happy, reviews and customer services will make you change your mind!

              It smells terribly bad and the texture is not so fine. The colors are quite light and are not creamy.  You need to reapply them as they do not last long.


  1. 4.     BioAquaSkin Tone Up Massage Cream:

This cream costs you around 500rs. It claims to remove all the dust particles and oil from the pores. It promises to make the skin look clear and be a good makeup remover. However, this cream is definitely not for everyone. It instantly irritates the skin and it makes it unfit for people with sensitive skin.  Also, it claims to improve skin color but that is not the truth for everyone!


  1. 5.     Miss Rose Liquid Foundation:

This foundation is about 600rs and it has the least happy customers! It claims to be a liquid foundation but is quite thick. When applied on the face, it looks like you have slathered it.  Its consistency is like crayon wax.

Also, their shades do not match the skin tone which creates a huge problem. Total waste of money!



If you are new to the world of makeup, then this blog is definitely helpful for you. Do your proper research before buying any makeup product. Chose a trustworthy brand with maximum positive reviews.

Have you ever tried any makeup product that was a total waste of money and not worth the hype? If yes then do let us now in the comments section.

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5 Best Skin Care Tips For Monsoon Weather

Do you feel that layer of slickness on your skin? That is not your body; that is the weather! While monsoon season brings relief from the scorching sun, it also brings skin issues. The heat and humidity in this weather create an unfriendly atmosphere for our skin.

The moisture in the air increases the sebum on the skin, causes congestion, and prompts breakouts. The result is excessive sweating, acne, itchiness, odor, and much more! To tackle such problems, you need to bring a slight change in your daily skincare routine and mindfully include some new habits specifically for this season. 



The following tips will help you deal with these problems and keep your skin fresh, hydrated and glowing.


    1. Cleanse More Often

Cleansing is the first step of every skincare routine. It helps remove all debris from our skin after a long day at work. However, during monsoon season, it’s essential to wash your face more often than normal. 

Instead of just wiping your face with tissue paper, try to wash it whenever possible. Opt for cleansers with glycolic or lactic acid which eliminates dead cells and exfoliates your skin. 


TIP: Keep blotting sheets or wet wipes with you on the go in case you don’t have access to water nearby. 


   2. Tone And Moisturise

Using a toner may be debatable for other seasons but is a must in monsoon. It will blot up any impurity left on your skin even after cleansing, tighten pores and protect the skin against minerals in tap water. 

A good toner also acts like a moisturiser. However, it’s preferable to choose a lightweight gel-based moisturiser in humid weather. It is especially crucial if you have oily skin that becomes greasier during the monsoon. However, if your skin is dry and stretched out, using a cream-based moisturiser is more suitable.


TIP: Apply toner immediately after cleansing and follow up with a moisturiser. Some products may take lesser time to absorb but to make things easier wait about 1 minute between each product. 

Apart from using moisturiser as a part of your skincare regimen, apply it on damp skin for better absorption. 


    3. Avoid Creams And Use Sunscreens 

Apply a layer of sunblock every day without fail. It doesn’t matter whether you see the sun shining high or hidden behind the clouds. Leaving your skin unprotected against the UV rays won’t help it become any better. 

UV rays are harmful and can damage your skin more than you think. Use sunscreen with SPF 30 or above. It is always recommended to go for lightweight products due to humidity and airlessness in the atmosphere. 


TIP: Apply sunscreen for at least 20 to 30 minutes before heading out in the sun to avoid slickness.


     4. Carry A Bottle On The Go

People tend to sweat a lot in monsoons. To keep their skin and body hydrated, it is important to drink an ample amount of water. Plus, eat citrus fruits and vegetables to avoid dehydration. 

Spraying facial mists like rose water and applying serums like hyaluronic acid or vitamin C can also help keep your skin well-nourished and moist. 


TIP: If you are also guilty of not drinking a sufficient amount of water per day. Then, use this trick. Fill up water bottles early morning and place them in places at your house you dwell the most. Drink up whenever you feel a slight thirst in your throat


     5.  Go Slow On Makeup 

Nobody likes to see their mascara streaming down their eyes or their foundation coming off because of sweat but more often than not it happens in monsoon season. Clearly, going overboard with makeup during this time of the year isn't a good idea. 

Instead, use CC creams to even out your skin tone and avoid foundations. And don’t forget to take care of your lips. They will turn flaky. Put on a lip balm, a gloss, or lipstick.


TIP: Either use a primer or a hydration-based moisturiser to keep your makeup from melting. 



Apart from these five tips, you can use exfoliators and masks weekly or thrice a month to treat your existing problems and soothe your skin. 

  • Exfoliators

Exfoliating regulates blood circulation and removes unwanted oxidants and impurities that sit on your skin and might go unnoticed even after cleansing. Remember not to go overboard when using an exfoliator as it can damage the skin if overused.

 You can either buy a ready-made exfoliator or create one at home. Simply mix honey with 1 tsp of cinnamon powder and massage your skin with it. Wash up after 5 minutes. You can also use 1tbsp rice flour with 2tbsp of sugar and 5tbsp milk. Mix it up and apply it to the skin. Massage gently and wash it off. 

  • Masks

Using masks is a great way to clean clogged pores, tighten skin and reduce inflammation. Use masks with ingredients that are well-known for the problem you’re targeting to solve. For an instance, cocoa and coffee masks are good for tightening skin, green clay masks help reduce redness and promote blood circulation. 

Any other mask of your choice will also do its magic as long as you don’t forget to apply it.  These extra steps will help your skin from any further damage if it's affected or prone to acne. Also, it doesn’t hurt to go overboard when pampering your skin.



Mindful little habits go a long way when it comes to skincare. Spare 5 minutes for yourself and do your skincare religiously. The outcome will surprise you sooner or later. You can exchange products according to your skin type but just don't forget to be gentle with your skin. Being regular is the key. 

Altogether, keeping yourself hydrated, not ditching your sunscreen, and cleansing frequently throughout the day can keep you at bay from developing acne or breakouts from congestion on your skin due to rain and hot weather. 

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The DYSON AIRWRAP is a worthwhile buy if you have money, heat style frequently, and don’t mind that your curls won’t stay in place all day. It will be fine if you aren’t expecting a lot from the product.


But there are many inexpensive knockoffs available for individuals who style their hair more casually. So this article will help you make a decision about whether you should invest in a such pricey product.




The product comes with a travel case that will look beautiful on your vanity.